Coconut oil is truly one of nature's gifts! There are many numerous benefits to using coconut oil as part of your skincare routine. It hydrates and nourishes the skin whilst diminishing skin imperfections such eczema, dry skin and even wrinkles! Which is why this versatile ingredient is the basis of all Boracay Skin products.
Our products have not been tested for SPF. Always use sun protection in conjunction with our tanning oils.
The Natural Sun & Body Oil is a mighty multi tasker! Use as a daily moisturiser - it is formulated to penetrate into the skin to keep your skin plump and hydrated. Best when applied after a shower. Get a deeper tan - use with your favourite SPF to achieve a darker glow in the sun. Remove make up - using oil on your face? We know it sounds crazy but trust us this works! Apply the Natural Sun & Body Oil onto cotton pads and remove your day's make up. Go over with dry cotton pads to soak up excess and the result is glowing skin!
Our Bronze Shimmering Body Oil is coconut oil infused with natural pearlescent minerals called mica. It gives your skin a slight darker tint with a shimmery glow. It can be used for a day at the beach as a tanning oil or at night to make your tan pop. As always, use your favourite SPF when using it as a tanning oil.
You could always get both with our Shimmer Bundle to get twice the glow! But if you had to choose one: The Bronze Shimmering Body Oil will give a darker tint of colour along with the shimmer when applied to the skin that will wash off when you have a shower. The Gold Shimmering Body Oil won't give you a tanned, bronzed tint but will give you plenty of shimmer! It's suitable for those who are already dark and just want to enhance their colour.
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